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The excellent location of the company, where we set up our plant in Dakhla "south of Morocco" one of the richest fishing grounds on the earth, gives MOGAFISH a competitive advantage based on the maintenance of high quality in all our products, and the possibility of satisfying the quality requested and the quantity of orders.

MOGAFISH Company can offer reliable supplies of frozen and fresh fish with vast experience and knowledge in the Commercial Fishing and Seafood Industry . Knowledge of the market and working with various suppliers chain in the main fishing localities gives us the ability to supply products of the highest quality for very competitive prices available on the market.

We can supply you with different seafood products; We specialize in processing and exporting a wide of range of frozen and fresh Moroccan seafood. Our main products are Sardine ,Sardinella, Mackerel and Horse Mackerel in all processing type ( WR/HG/HGT/Fillet).beside other varieties of frozen fish such as: cuttlefish, squid, octopus, Dentex, Africa mix ...